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Choudhary And Sons have a wide range of Hotels, Resorts, and Guest houses affiliated with beautiful boutique and wonderful locations. Each property has its own characteristics and personality which helps set us apart from the competition and give our guests an unique experience every time they visit one of our Hotels, Resorts, or Guest houses.

Travel And Tourism

We offer an exclusive program for our travel services, designed specially to give relieve to our clients from all the stress, tiredness and petty chores, which need to be taken care of before starting a holiday tour because we know that when you are planning a tour, you definitely want some relieve from all this and other problems that are going in your life. And we always try our level best to make this happen and make each and every moment of the trip memorable and full of pleasure.

We at Choudhary And Sons, offer you/our clients comprehensive range of travel itineraries within the period of 24 hours. Besides this, at Choudhary and Sons we have a team of highly skilled professionals, who are highly trained to understand all your requirements, queries and question and we offer our clients the best possible options available in that market within the most competitive rates. Here at Choudhary And Sons we also use the latest technology to maximize the use of the latest reservation system so that we can offer immediate feedback to the travellers/clients whenever and wherever it is required/possible.

We are also in partnership with the most popular tour operators in different tourist destinations so that we can offer the best possible rates for both the individual as well as the group tour packages: Some examples of Accommodation that we work in under the sector of Choudhary and Sons Tour and Travels are as following:- Event management, Flights, Cruising, Car hiring, Tours Conferencing, Local traveling, Hotel accommodation and transfers, and Travel insurance.

Real Estate

We, Choudhary And Sons are Real Estates leader in offering property consultancy services in India and will soon be the leaders in the world with immense experience in asset valuation, real estate investment and advisory, and we have a large portfolio of projects for management. we have acquired an extensive database on a wide range of properties in India. Which gives us,as well as the clients the access to such a unique property database that enables regent to analyse market and technological conditions and changes with a high degree of precision. Which enables us to provide the most accurate market valuation/values of assets, and the most precis forecast and future trends in values, analysis of trends in the performance of real estate investments in comparison with other asset classes. Addition to this, regent analyses the impact of changes in land laws, planning regulations and environmental regulations on optimal land use.

Government Tender & Civil

We, Choudhary and Sons have a deep and cosmic experience in Government Work/Tenders and dreamless sector of civil works, electrical works, building constructions and maintenance, Consultancy and Engineering Service and much more. Since enterprise needs are becoming more challenging and changing more frequently and projects require a variety of skills, and we have those skills with vast experience, we operate cross platform teams for complex projects fusing different technologies.

Choudhary and Sons serve their customers/clients at every project phase, from the very beginning of strategy formulation through design, project management and implementation right through to support and upgrades. We are committed to our practices of principles and professional integrity to ensure that we deliver quality. Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of our commercial contractor business. These times, honour qualities and we have those qualities, and we incorporated all those qualities in every single project built by Choudhary And Sons.


One of the most successful sectors in Choudhary and Sons is the interior sector as we have deep understanding about interior designing, architecture and related subjects. This is also because we are very closely involved in designing beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing interiors for all houses, hotels, resorts and other residential buildings and buildings which are made/owned by Choudhary and Sons and come under the humongous umbrella of Choudhary and Sons and sometimes for other company as well. Our responsibilities are wider than those of an architect and actually this is our call. If you are looking for Home interior designers or any other kind of interior designing in Delhi, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, UP, Mumbai or from anywhere else then you have come at the right place as we Choudhary and Sons have the best/top and the most skilled interior designers in India and if also want the best interior designer to design your houses, hotels, resorts or any other residential buildings or building then we are the best option for you. We understand our client’s/your choice and taste with respect to design. Some examples of what all we do are as following:-
Market analysis, positioning and feasibility studies
Selection of Brand
Selection of key project and team members including:
- Architects
- Contractors
- Interior Designers

Supply chain in Essential Product Services:

Choudhary And Sons is a management consultancy specialising in supply chain management services and strategy implementation. One expertise of our company lies in the ability to evaluate, design, develop and implement complex supply chains. In order to do this we follow an structured approach to ensure that the supply chain delivers the required value to the business. The supply chain and the revenue growth strategies of the business ultimately deliver shareholders value. One reason of establishing the company was to deliver the potential that supply chain management, unlocks by leveraging the opportunities within the entire value chain. Our business model is flexible and recognises the need for comprehensive solutions that are practical, achievable, and sustainable. It ultimately lives or dies by the quality of the design and analysing components. Practical, relevant and current experiences inform a consulting process that utilises proven tools and methodologies to equip business managers to address the change and transformation with confidence

Facility Management Services

Choudhary And Sons is an ISO 9001: 2015 “Security Services, Cleaning Services, with Choudhary and Sons you engage in an organization that knows how World class security and facilities management can enhance staff productivity, drive client engagement as well as Control operational costs. Choudhary And Sons is one of the leading Self Performing Security Services and Facility management Services. Our company also offers Integrated Facility Management Services. Our customers are at the core of what we do, and we continue to grow and expand to better serve their Property needs across Sectors and geographies. Our talented and professional people work from within our Customer’s Organizations, constantly asking Challenging questions and driving value at every turn. We believe It is our relentless passion for finding a better way that helps us to deliver the best services safely and efficiently, while defining industry best practices.