Modern and Smooth Microfiber Sheets with 40cm Ultra-Deep Pockets

Welcome to CHCOMFORT, where comfort meets convenience! Imagine this soft white fitted sheet for all beds. It has an extra-deep 40cm pocket, so no more struggling with wrinkles or ironing. It's not just a sheet; it's a cozy retreat that makes life easier.

Ever worried about waking up to a tangled mess? Fear not! ChComfort's white fitted sheet isn't just extra deep; it's the secret to undisturbed nights, a bedtime tale woven with threads of perfection and an ode to the elasticity dance of tranquility.

Discover our bed-fitted sheets tailored to perfection for various mattress sizes: single (90x190cm), double (135x190cm), king (150x200cm), and super king (180x200cm).

  • Specifications include:

    a deluxe white fitted bed sheet with deep pockets for a secure fit. Enjoy its softness, hypoallergenic fabric, and hassle-free maintenance with machine washability and wrinkle-free design

  • Elasticity and Flexibility:

    Our microfiber fitted sheet with innovative features: Four-corner elastication for a secure fit, and available in pocket sizes of 40cm for diverse mattress depths.

  • Superior Microfiber Fabric:

    Provides comfort with our fitted bed sheet crafted from high-quality microfiber. Renowned for its durability and versatility, microfiber offers unmatched usability and comfort.

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Free Matching Pillow Cover inside

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